Who is Tunisia?


Tunisia is Denver Colorado's only event band that had appearances at both political party events in Tampa and Charlotte and is also involved in multiple local and national charity events.      

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Who Tunisia is not.

Most Band’s are so into what they are, I’m sure as a prospective buyer you would like to know what we are not. ( I would )

Tunisia is a musical extravaganza, a concert at your wedding, an in your face high energy show from start to finish. But……………….

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My Favorite just written on 11/9/2018 This says a lot. 

Hi Arlen,

I know I am a bit behind on following up with you. We have been in a post-wedding whirlwind! I wanted to write specifically to tell you what an absolutely wonderful experience we had with you all at our wedding...…..

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Video, Audio and Links


All our videos are unedited and in a raw format.

We want you to see what you are really buying.

Not some produced piece that you won't get on a live performance.

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Just a bit of something different. 

Our Jazz Trio - Stephen Wilburn . Tim Greenhouse . ArlenFelsen