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A wedding is  a special occasion, one that you only want to do once. You want your guest's to leave saying " that was the best wedding ever "  

That's the goal of every bride and groom, their Parent's , Grand Parent's , Friend's and Family. 

The fact is, you can have a perfect ceremony, a great selection of cocktails's and appraisers, a mind blowing venue, a dinner that any world class chef would be proud to claim but, if the band does not know how to make your party happen, you're wedding will just be another wedding in the mix of weddings that you and all your friends attend. 

"Forgettable"  is the word that will define your day. 

Our testimonials are unsolicited.  Read them and you will see why Tunisia is the perfect choice for your band. 

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Always choose a "band" over an entertainment or production company.

Just because you put a toothpick in a hot dog, and lay it on a napkin,  you're still serving Hot Dogs! 

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* All Rider's are paid and fulfilled by purchaser

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We have prepared a list of documents that will help you with your booking of Tunisia.